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  • News Skins Available

    A lot of you have - rightly - complained about the default skin we're currently running on. To solve this problem, we, the Gamezone24.net Staff (especially me and Dr. Dre) have been working on new skins during the last week which we are now proud to present you:

    GamerBlue (as the new default skin)
    Black N White

    Unfortunately, some of the major vB Mods such as the CMS (The "Homesite"), the Arcade and the Downloadsection aren't working properly again yet, but once they are good to go, they will be accessible through the navbar (Atm there are only dummy-buttons, so don't scratch your head if nothing happens by clicking on them)

    If you notice any bugs, feel free to report them in this thread I believe there's a skin for anyones taste now, which was our goal in the first place.