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  • GameZone24.Net announces: new master server for those who couldn't see any server for last month

    As some of you could already have noticed, situation with Ostap (the main administrator of 42Amsterdam servers and hoster of the master server gs.ostap.eu / nl, which was using by everyone since GameSpy is gone and was included to the latest SS:TSE Steam patch) has turned into a completely disaster (for more info: read this, this and especially this). Besides that he has banned most of us on his forums, stats site and servers, he tried not to let the most of GZ 24 community play Sam normally: he has banned most of us in the master server to not let us see any servers. Also, he has disabled possibility to view any GZ server in the server list.

    And now, after several testings, we'd like to announce a new, working for all master server which is being hosted by a guy called Karel who is also the administrator of Prague servers! Without him, this would have not been impossible to do that quickly. All major servers (excluding 42 Amsterdam), are visible from now on.

    Let us prove it by a few screens:

    In-game server browser:


    Server Monitor (a very useful tool made by Capricornus):


    Okay, it's not that hard to find how to change the master server in the Server Monitor, but if you gotta ask how to change the master server in the game - it's almost same easy. If you don't use Steam version of SS:TSE, just download this file, copy to the Serious Sam folder / Bin, open console by pressing ~ and put the command:
    If you already use Steam version of Sam or downloaded the file before, you don't need to download anything: just change the master server by only putting the command.

    If you weren't banned and still can see the server list without these manipulations: note that Ostap can ban you anytime, and remember that without changing the master server you can't see the new brand GZ NextGen servers (more info here) which are being hosted by 56800, managed and donated by Skyward, also donated by GraphX, Salker90, Duke Nukem, Eupho Salvadore and AmcoTraD (at the moment). Russian GZ servers (more info here) which is being hosted by Zeo will stay invisible too in case if you'll keep using the Ostap's master server.

    From now on, justice can triumph again!
    We want to thank the following people again:
    Slaww - for patching Steam version of SS:TSE in 2015;
    Karel - for hosting the new master server (and Prague Servers);
    [Rocketers] Alex - making the alternate master server itself;
    Maxou56800 - hosting the NextGen GZ24 servers;
    Skyward - managment and donating for the nextGen GZ24 Servers;
    GraphX, Salker90, Duke Nukem, Eupho Salvadore and AmcoTraD - donating for the NextGen GZ24 Servers;
    Zeo - hosting and managment GZ24 russian servers;
    Capricornus - making the Server Monitor tool to browse all the servers in the easiest way;
    And everyone else who don't leave our community and still visites us even now, in 2017!

    Stay with us, because we are not going to be dead yet, and the new events and tournaments will come!