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    GZ24 Clan Tournament 2014™ - Rules & Info

    GZ24 Clan Tournament 2014

    Schedule - coming soon

    Rules & settings

    Main shortened information:

    • Organizers are: BoyZyatoR, HeLLspAWn, Zeo
    • Matches are played 3 vs 3 (if both clans agree, final can be played 4 vs 4)
    • Maps: Little Trouble, Shotty Trouble, Fortress, Hole
    • Fraglimit: 30
    • Timelimit: None
    • Difficulty: Normal
    • Servers: Any EU server which will use the tournament settings (hopefully the new GZ server)
    • Version: Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter v1.07
    • You must wear your clan tag, alias names are not allowed
    • If you played once for a clan (during the tourney, starting from first match), you can't play for another one if you changed it.
    • A penalty for trashing/spamming in chat can be set by organizer's decision
    • Skins: SWDM/Serious Sam
    • "Moving before a match started" penalty: -1 frag to a player
    • Teamkill penalty: -2 frags to a player
    • Tournament type: Single Eliminations

    General Rules:

    1. By registering in the tourney, Tournament participant agrees to the rules stated here.
    2. Groups will be picked randomly, using a random.org number generator in a way decided by organisers (this means organisers will only assign the appropriate numbers to specified teams and random.org will generate 2 columns and X rows of numbers using the following scheme:
      Team 1 - Team 2
      Team 3 - Team 4
      Team 5 - Team 6

      etc. etc. )
    3. When the teams are finally generated, organisers will post screenshot of the result in an appropriate topic and make a tourney bracket.
    4. Only organisers or users typed by organisers are allowed to watch, lead and judge the tournament matches.
    5. Only organisers are allowed to post and edit match or tourney scores.
    6. Tournament participants must follow the commands given by Organisers during the tournament match.
    7. If an Organiser plays the tourney match, he can not lead, watch or judge the tournament match which he plays in.
    8. Tournament match must be played under organisers supervision(which means that organiser must watch, judge and lead the tournament match). Tournament matches played without organisers supervision will not count.
    9. Opponent teams must contact each other using one of the following ways:
      - post the predicted match date in the appropriate topic and make statements.
      - use an organiser as a contact arbiter (skype, private message etc.)

      ----------- MATCH RULES -------------
    10. Tournament participant must use his normal tag or clan tag, alias names are not allowed.
    11. Cheating (autoshot, wallhack, aimbot etc.), trashtalking, using edited main files is not allowed (exclusions:
    12. - own made .ini scripts containing default ingame commands,
      - Serious Sam SE dll files reducing lowping lags/shuttering
      - Serious Sam SE dlls which are edited for autoscreenshot purpose)
    13. Each team must set a skin chosen by organiser,Allowed skins are:
      - Team 1: Serious Sam
      - Team 2: Green skin model or Blue skin model or Red skin model or Yellow skin model
    14. After joining a tournament match, the tourney participant can not move ingame until an organiser counts and then writes “go” word. Not obeying the above rule will result in -1 frag penalty.
    15. Using a “double-kill” bug (Using weapons on a dead corpse in the same time the opponent respawns) is not allowed. Doublekill bug frags will not count to the match score (Organisers will subtract the doublekill frags from the score of a player, who used the doublekill bug to neutralize it)
    16. If both teams have finished the matches with equal frag and suicide scores, a next draw match will occur. The draw match will be played on one map typed by an organiser, who has watched/judged/leaded the match, which has resulted in a draw. The draw match will have 30 frag limit and 20 minutes time limit. If the first draw match results in a draw again, a second draw match will be played using the same rules as the first draw match.
    17. Only Organisers are allowed to pause the game on the following terms:
      - The Organisers are always allowed to pause the game, if they have a justified reason for that.
      - Players Serious Sam SE game crashes or causes “Too Many Bad Syncs”
      If a player exceeds the pause period, an organiser is allowed to resume the game without the players permission (which means the game will be played no matter if the player is away from keyboard or not).
    18. If a player looses connection during the match for a long period of time, an Organiser can decide about stopping the match and saving the scores. The additional match will be played after the first failed match, but with time limit and frag limit left from the failed match. A player who has lost connection must prove it, by sending a screenshot of Too Many Bad Syncs or any other trustworthy proof, that he has lost connection due to random causes.


    • The rules can be changed during the tourney only in extraordinary situations.
    • The tourney starts when the first game is played.

    Dates - coming soon

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