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View Poll Results: How much walkovers in a row should cause losing of a clan ?

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  • 1 walkover = clan loses, as it usually was

    1 9.09%
  • 2 walkovers = clan loses (as it was for a few times either)

    10 90.91%
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    gut bier here

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    cazzo cheters
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeo View Post
    About W3: you also can buy 12 DVDs version
    Nah seriously ! Or ur new laptop don't have dvd-rom / whatever ?
    (I'll move posts to W3 thread laterz)
    i do but Ireland doesnt sell much retails for PCs, XBOX/PS only

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    2 walkovers would be best I guess
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeo View Post
    : D

    I'm pretty sure if Campers were in one group with Penumbra and Devils / NapaLm, Meta's post would have never be done

    If I'm wrong, why do people register in the tourney but saying in on month that they don't wanna play anymore ?

    Stop being afraid, this is 2015, 1/3 of people will be totally rusty, just show up and waste 1,5 hours per a week / two for playing
    it's not about being scared, hell, I've never been scared of anyone in this game, I played my games, lost, and won, even agains't the greatest players.

    I did my time, that's all, it's over.

    But the main thing is, that I still have this damn screen jitter glitch due to the ping (and it reminds me why I left sam everytime I try to play a game), but also I encountered many technical issues, random crashes, since the windows 8.1 update. And Since I've been playing CS, I changed my mouse settings way too much to be able to readapt of that old crappy aim feeling (without raw mouse input) SS had.

    I could eventually fix, almost all those problems, but i'm waaaayyy too lazy to do it (and i'm still not done with school yet, and I need to find a new job place for september because my contract comes at its end and if I don't move my fucking ass i'll be left without job and i'll belong to 3rd world too and I don't want that.) I got better kitty ass to kick than wasting my time on this old joke.

    Maybe i'll try to play a bit next year... if the game's still active (maybe somewhere I expcet the game to die totally once for all) but anyway i'm sure i'll still find some Russians

    Good luck, again.

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    Well, this thread is closed finally. Results are obvious, the rule has been added Thanks for voting !
    watch unimaginable [2012]
    watch magnificent [2017]
    wait for ? [202x]

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