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    My first own game Fishy Bay

    Hi All!
    About 6 months i was developing my own game. I started with no knowledges in game developing at all and now it is ready and available in Google Play. I will be pleased if you will help me to spread my game. Download it and ask your friends to do the same. Also i would like to hear your opinion about that.

    U can download it in google play, called "Fishy Bay"


    It is free
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    Congratulations with releasing it!
    My son already enjoys it 24/24 on wifey phone xD
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    watch magnificent [2017]
    wait for ? [202x]

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    nice game
    匚 卂 丂 卄 丨 乇 尺

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    gj i am suprised there's more than just serious sam in your head

    not for ios
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