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    This game will probably have battle royale

    It has been several years since I've used this forum, but for old time's sake I've decided to start this thread to share a few thoughts on Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass.

    I'll start out by saying that I dislike the title itself.

    Now let's get to the serious stuff...

    Considering the sheer size of the map, I'm calling a battle royale mode which will probably end up replacing the classic arena versus mode.

    This post will serve as proof if I actually predicted this decision.

    I have a feeling they won't be willing to create deathmatch maps especially for a classic versus mode which hardly anyone would end up playing.

    I hope I'm wrong but considering the success of games like Fortnite and PUBG, it's something we need to take into account.

    Remember: nobody spits on money.

    I have little to say about single player and honestly do not have enough information to properly evaluate it at this point.

    I've heared there will be thousands of enemies onscreen at the same time, but is mowing down walls and walls of enemies really that fun?

    If so, for how long before it gets stale?

    Hopefully they manage to pull it off, but I have my doubts.

    At any rate, the game will probably be released in early 2020 so we still have loads of time.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it was a battle royale, I've been playing some Quake Champions recently and I realized many things that I would have never seen before I quit playing the old Sam, it's that classic arena had a lot of mechanics that does no longer fit with the modern gaming community, I mean the modern gaming public. The classic arena belongs to a time where eSports did not develop at such a complex level yet and this is not what demands that younger public anymore.

    Shootmania, Toxxik and Unreal Tournament 4 and of course Sam's HD remakes clearly didn't succeed at all in terms of multiplayer. Croteam surely realized that and decided it would be pointless to keep exploring ideas that would bring no audience, no players.
    Last classic arena players remain in Quake, and they're usually players that you can't beat unless you'd catch up at least decade of experience in the game, it's clearly not interesting and this is the same reason why everyone deserted the old Sam - much before 2014.

    Tbh it's a bit annoying to see the game on steam with no release date, anyway I still expect a good solo campaign, just like in any Sam.

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    i'd be surprised for battle royale in sam, I'm also curious how it would look like mechanicswise.
    Saying "Thousands of enemies on screen" I think we heard that when HD remake was released or something along these lines.
    UT4 isn't reelased yet as far as I know, it's in early access, and that's why there's not much players perhaps. The game was buggy last time I played.

    I didn't buy SS3, prolly won't buy SS4 unless they surprise me with something *really* interesting.

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    it's gonna have classic deathmatch and that's confirmed, Desert Temple in roman settings was already confirmed + I have a 6mb text file by Croteam that got leaked which basically lists every map, weapon enemy...

    I think that it's 99% certain that we are going to get a LT remake like in every SS XD, and the deathmatch is gonna be bullshit like in SS3 cuz they don't have "the time, resources or people" to make something so complicated.


    EDIT: why is the screen I posted in such shit quality?
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    Il tempo passa eh?
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