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    I didnt took the domain its still Louva's and the web is Also maintained by Louva.. he just using my server as a host

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyZyatoR View Post
    I love the old threads and archives here, but there's nothing new in sight. Duke can do what he wants and this poll is useless.

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    it's still funny that Croteam, which is a game dev studio (one of the most lucrative jobs), doesn't have 400 bucks to throw once a year to maintain their community site. Which leads me to believe Croteam has never payed for SeriousZone nor they will because they actually don't give a shit about it. And if this is right then I wouldn't even be surprized considering Angelo received 0 support from them when he tried to save the old sams with revo.

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    I was surprised to see SeriousZone close. Don't get me wrong, I love GZ24 and I've spent a considerable part of my life here (for better or worse), but it's always just been a hub for DM players. Whereas SeriousZone was the gathering point for all the modders, content creators etc. weird to see Croteam just let it die like that. Especially with SS4 coming up.

    On the topic of GZ24 closing: It would be a shame to see all this history gone but then again that is eventually the way of all things. I think I'm friends with most people I care about on Steam so not all ties would be severed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syron View Post
    Don't worry, I'll leak all the cheats from Campers Private beforehand and solve those ancient mysteries (just kidding, pls no bannerino)
    This joke still works in 2019 somehow : D


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