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    SOL™ Championship announcement

    Hay there! It's 2019 now and we have to realize that the community is far smaller than it used to be and that it keeps dying slowly. But that's not a reason to quit doing events or games! So I decided to think about a new event formula to get some people back playing without forcing them to play on a given schedule.

    I present you guys the all new SOL™ Championship!

    This championship will be divided in 5 divisions: The Entry Division that counts all contenders that tries to make their way to the top, the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Legend Divisions. All those will be reachable while gathering a certain amount of points, points that you will win by challenging an opponent, completely random! That means if you're an Entry player, you can challenge a Legend and if you win, you will win lot of points! We'll talk about the points system later but i'm coming back to the championship itself: It will feature several categories such 1v1 and 2v2. Of course it is modulable... and if my championship becomes interesting enough to bring a few players active again, I don't exclude the possibility to bring 3v3, Country and Clan categories.

    About the system of points: it is pretty much similar to the ELO rank but it will be waaay more simplified so that it gets easier to understand for everyone, and of course easier for me to manage. This is how it will be:

    Taking victory over a Legend player brings 20 raw points
    Taking victory over a Gold player brings 15 raw points
    Taking victory over a Silver player brings 10 raw points
    Taking victory over a Bronze player brings 5 raw points
    Taking victory over an Entry player brings 3 raw point

    Raw points? it's the base value given by a victory (or defeat, note that the player who loses the game loses the same amount of points, which is why a Legend player should think twice before accepting the challenge of an Entry player that has a chance to win against him). These raw points are subject to change depending who is challenging who:

    If victory:
    Entry wins over all = Wins higher tier raw points
    Same level wins over Same level = Wins same tier raw points
    Higher tier wins over Lower tier = Wins lower tier raw points
    Lower tier wins over Higher tier = Wins higher tier raw points

    If defeat:
    Entry loses over all = Loses entry raw points
    Same level loses over Same level = Loses same tier raw points
    Higher tier loses over Lower tier = Loses his tier raw points
    Lower tier loses over Higher tier = Loses his tier raw points

    (the point system is still experimental and will undergo changes).

    Of course those points will give you a rank in the division and at each season (4 months) a few players will upgrade and a few others will downgrade.

    To begin in order to fill those divisions, each of these will have a point limit to reach, those who reached that limited will begin dirrectly in the concerned division after the next season. For now I will continue working on this project and it should up functionning soon enough.

    I'll give a quick report about the AllStars 2018: Due to lacking players, this tournament will be closed. The whole Swiss format will be also abandonned. The whole SOL's principle is just completely changing and althought I bet everything on this new championship system to give the players more freedom, I still intend to organize side tournaments, at a smaller scale.
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