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    What's the hype with hole mouses?

    So that's the latest trend, all the manufacturers are doing their mouses with holes to lighten it... is it really necessary?




    They pretend they can light the weight of the mouses by removing some plastic, that Glorious Model O even says it weights only 67 grams... but is it really better?

    I know by experience that the lighter a mouse is, the less control you will get, and the contrary is the same, don't you think getting such a low weight is exagerated? when I first used the G Pro Wireless it felt trash on my Gigantus mousepad because the mouse was so light (80g against 97g for my prev Death Adder), so I had to change for a mousepad offering more friction and less gliding as the Zowie G-SR and it was way better. I 've never tried a mouse that weights less than 80g but I fear losing even more control, which means saying goodbye to flickshots and one taps.

    What would be better for you? Less weight or getting freed from the cable? The modern wireless mouses are really something worth looking at, the G Pro i'm using features the "Lightspeed" technology that Logitech tries to put on all their models such as the G703 or more recently the G502, and it really works magnificently. I can't see myself playing with a classic wired mouse anymore, the feeling of freedom is just too good. Which is why I question myself about the interest of all those mouses with holes besides getting dirt inside..? 80g already feels super light imo, I don't feel like needing less. New wireless is the major innovation for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyward View Post
    ...or getting freed from the cable?
    Oh no, they are very nice I agree but there is almost a 100 € difference between the 2...

    Btw these holes would end up filled with random stuff in just 2 months or something like that here and would be a pain in the ass to clean)

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    i have got 88g mouse, and it's the lightest i ever had if it comes to decent mouses. Wish it was even lighter, so i can find the limit

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    my mouse is super heavy (deathadder) and it pisses me off, due to its massive weight those mauspad supports underneath keep getting wasted quickly and my aim gets significantly worse :/

    i feel like getting one of these „hole“ mice somewhen

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmcoTraD View Post
    my mouse is super heavy (deathadder) and it pisses me off, due to its massive weight those mauspad supports underneath keep getting wasted quickly and my aim gets significantly worse :/

    i feel like getting one of these „hole“ mice somewhen
    i had my deathadder 4.5 years, and encounter no such issues however i dont play competitively long time now, maybe thats why it doesnt bother me, however mousepad supports are all g



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