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  • [NEWS] Developer Blog 1: Multiplayer Gamemodes

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    Could it be? Can it truly be? Is it really is?! Yes! We're posting our first DEVBLOG!

    Take that, everyone who thought that Rev is dead just because it's dead..~;I mean, alive! ..great second paragraph and this thing is already in the toilet, anyhow yes Rev is alive, and this will be the first post in our weekly annual postage of Devblogs! Every weekend we will post a newspost describing in vague detail all of the amazing things we are doing with the thing. So without further ado;

    Let's be honest that Versus games don't have that large of an interesting mod selection, I mean ever wanted to play a casual game of Spleen-ball with your friends, just to discover that no game, be it COD or BF would hear of it? Well that was our reasoning too, so we're adding all the things to Rev now. Such as!

    Standard Modes
    Cooperative (omg, never seen before!)
    Well no, this is the classic cooperative. Not much to say about it... except that you'll be able to play with 42 people now. It just made sense, what with all of you having so many wonderful friends that you could, possibly, force Sam Rev onto to play with...

    Deathmatch (OMG, NEVER...)
    OK this is a classic mod too, why am I even listing these...
    But, we do plan to have ultra large maps for 42 player versus matches, we'll talk about those in a later blog though.

    You know, we can say this is a new mode, because no one remembers this thing from the Classics, it's a game where you don't run around with frags, but with a score count. Technically the longer you stay alive, the more SCORE the others will get upon your death. So the longer you live, the more people will want you dead, ah, and they said our game had no relation with real life. Preferably played with more than 2 people camping in the 2 opposite sides of the map.

    Newer Modes
    Team Deathmatch
    It's deathmatch but with teams, it's like, when for some reason you don't want to shoot at all the things, but rather have half of them get in the way of shooting at the other half.

    Capture The Flag
    Team A wants Team B's Flag, Team B doesn't want Team A to have their flag, it's a whole flag thing really. (yes, 21 people per team)

    Instant Kill
    As seen on Serious Sam HD! Everybody has a Sniper and you can kill people in 1 shot. This is a crazy and super fast-paced gamemode, trust me.

    Control Zone
    There's a control zone in the map, and you have to dominate the control zone with your team to gather points. The first team to reaches the score limit wins!

    And O'course;

    MONSTERS, MONSTERS EVERYWHERE, And there is no hope to ever live through it, honestly I think this is an incredibly depressing mode, where you're fighting a fight you know you have absolutely no chance of winning because it was designed so by a malevolent and unforgiving god that you had the unfortunate luck of being the peon of, but people keep playing this so we added it anyway. *Gets the scotch*

    Next Mode Ideas

    We have some ideas with what to add other than Spleen-Ball, here's one~

    Attack (Name being argued over)
    So like, team A has to capture sequential control points, while team B has to prevent them from doing so.

    There is only one CP (control point) active at a time, and if Team A fails to capture it within a given time or frag period, Team B advances to "push back" team A, and if Team A managed to capture the CP within the time, by either standing around in it for 30 seconds or something else, then the CP becomes theirs, and they can advance to the next CP, it's like how Team Fortress Classic did it, I think it's a fun mode, and I hope to see it in Rev.

    We have more ideas /lie but we'd love to hear from you, what mods would you want us to make? 4 team deathmatches and flag matches? Circlejerk? Spleen-ball?

    Post your ideas in the comments, and if you're lucky, we might steal them for our game.
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