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  • Shoutbox has been upgraded


    The shoutbox has been upgraded to the newest version - 6.2.1

    This version contains some bug fixes and addons as follows:

    "Invisibility" Toggle (NEW feature)

    • Click the activity status icon to toggle invisibility
    • Uses the status icon from your vBulletin skin
    • Hides the user from all activity displays in the entire instance
    • Great for surprising friends with shouts out of the blue!

    Feature: Improved logging details for Control Panel actions (regards to admins/coordinators)

    Shoutbox Sessions

    • Shoutbox activity is tracked separate from users' shouts
    • Only shows people who perform an action as active
    • "Active Indicator" on the toolbar shows whether the user is active in the SB or not
    • Doesn't flag users generating automatic notices as active

    Anonym.To Integration

    • Ability to anonymise any URL entered in the Shoutbox per-instance with Anonym.to
    • Works with BBCode URLs
    • Displays regular URL while editing shouts

    Disallow "ALL CAPS"

    • Ability to disallow all caps per-instance
    • Uses vBulletin's "Prevent SHOUTING" setting to de-caps the shout

    New Slash Command: /resetshouts (regards to admins/coordinators)
    • Resets all users' "Lifetime Shouts" counter to how many shouts they currently have in the system
    • (Pro) /resetshouts user to reset an individual user's "Lifetime Shouts" counter
    • Great way to put spammers in their place

    Context Menu Improvements

    • Dedicated context menu item for editing shouts (if user has permission to edit that shout)
    • Dedicated context menu item for deleting shouts (if user has permission to delete that shout)
    • JavaScript performance for menu closure operations has been improved


    • In certain cases, the menu could fail to close properly