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  • Serious Sam The Second Encounter officially updated on Steam !

    There are some updates for the Steam version of Second Encounter.

    • You can specify any master server in Scripts/PersistentSymbols.ini as net_strMasterServer. The default master server is replaced with a working one, so no gamespy patches will be needed to see servers online
    • All editor applications now work properly on 64-bit systems

    The engine version is not changed so you can still use 1.07 SDK for modding.
    The same updates for First Encounter on Steam will come next.

    Proof: https://forums.seriouszone.com/showthread.php?t=66060


    We've checked it and redownloaded SS: TSE Steam version and this really works ! Servers are visible by default. Finally THIS happened, let's see now if it will help to activity
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    yoo welcome back! there's a few people around especially the evening (EU time) playing sam SE

    you can use this site to track if somebody

    Skyward 11.06.2021, 13:29 Go to last post


    I dont really have time to play too much as off late, Im just after finishing my bachelor's degree in IT Management, so my entire year was mostly dedicated

    Prottoss 10.06.2021, 14:24 Go to last post


    We do anything from car parts to household items to sports items, pc cases anything you can paint you can hydrodip as well Its a cool process. You

    CrAzYsHoT 10.06.2021, 12:26 Go to last post


    Damn looks sweet, so is it anything to do with car part customization?

    Prottoss 10.06.2021, 10:48 Go to last post


    Haha decided to start my own business with my brother. @kingsmenkustomsoakville we do some crazy stuff ! Check it out on Instagram

    CrAzYsHoT 10.06.2021, 04:06 Go to last post


    i remember you, the hockey player!

    AmcoTraD 09.06.2021, 09:08 Go to last post

    Teamgames Results - June 2021

    2021.06.08 - 4x tgs

    LT 4 AT 4:

    ST 4 AT 4:

    HOLE 3 AT 3 S EBLIVYMI swapami tak 4e idi naxyi:

    HeLLspAWn 09.06.2021, 02:58 Go to last post


    Hey man how is it going? You still play hockey like a champ?

    Prottoss 08.06.2021, 22:59 Go to last post


    What's going on guys? Not sure how many ppl will remember me from back in the day but damn I was like 12-14 years old when I was gaming Sam on here last,

    CrAzYsHoT 08.06.2021, 15:31 Go to last post

    Polski Czat

    no macie tutaj jakieś memy które są do mnie nie do ogarnięcia bo trochę historii mi uciekło

    Havana 08.06.2021, 05:15 Go to last post