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  • Serious Sam The Second Encounter officially updated on Steam !

    There are some updates for the Steam version of Second Encounter.

    • You can specify any master server in Scripts/PersistentSymbols.ini as net_strMasterServer. The default master server is replaced with a working one, so no gamespy patches will be needed to see servers online
    • All editor applications now work properly on 64-bit systems

    The engine version is not changed so you can still use 1.07 SDK for modding.
    The same updates for First Encounter on Steam will come next.

    Proof: https://forums.seriouszone.com/showthread.php?t=66060


    We've checked it and redownloaded SS: TSE Steam version and this really works ! Servers are visible by default. Finally THIS happened, let's see now if it will help to activity
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    oh almighty ostap enlighten us!

    AmcoTraD Yesterday, 19:24 Go to last post

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    Covid is definitely not a lie, the problem is governments and people overreacting as if everyone became immortal hero, creating unecessary panick, fracture

    Skyward Yesterday, 13:46 Go to last post

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    yeah few of people I know also had covid, and also Skyward's father if im not mistaken, why you didn't mention this btw Sky?

    Forsaken Yesterday, 10:23 Go to last post

    The Update It Didn'T Feel As A City Or A City

    The story is so confusing as a secret conspiracy of Freemasons...

    Fisher Yesterday, 10:15 Go to last post
    Duke Nukem

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    "We do not buy your lies about pandemic"


    i know some people from my family with covid and old forum

    Duke Nukem Yesterday, 09:45 Go to last post

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    didnt watch actual television for few years now id say...

    Prottoss 01.12.2020, 13:38 Go to last post

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    we never know what do they say during their G20, we'll never know if they triggered the covid or if they did everything to take advantage of it, one thing

    Skyward 01.12.2020, 13:13 Go to last post

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    Just another flu

    Pheonix 01.12.2020, 09:57 Go to last post

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    Thats true I cant wait to go to the local for a chill pint with few mates

    - - - Updated - - -

    all in all it today is the end

    Prottoss 01.12.2020, 09:27 Go to last post

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    Maybe it's not a fake, but it doesn't worth as much panics, absolutely, I cannot wait until this shit ("Bullshit.") ends. People went too much

    Zeo 01.12.2020, 06:27 Go to last post