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  • Serious Sam: Classics (TFE & TSE) have been updated on Steam on 10.01.2018 - new master server applied officially!

    Hello everyone! After incidents with Ostap (owner of previous master server) which happened in the summer of 2017, community have signed the petition of changing the master server to 333networks.com to be the new official master server for both Serious Sam: Classics (TFE & TSE). After a few days we've got the results: master server has been changed from 42Amsterdam to 333Networks.

    For now, if you use Steam version of classics, you'll be able to browse servers again. Currently, 333networks.com master server has a couple of servers (you can browse servers also in this page) being hosted, like GZ servers (info) (russian/east eu ones - west/central europe server will be rented in some time) or 42prague.tk (which also has online rankings). Also, since it's a default master server of Steam, you'll be able to browse all servers which are created by another people again.

    If you don't use Steam version, you just have to download this patch, and you'll be able to browse servers automatically.

    Even though it's 2018, the activity is trying to rise again! Some people come back. Stay with us, because more much interesting events will come this year, with no doubt!





    P.S.: We, GameZone24.Net community, are really thankful to everyone who has made this possible: 1) every single person who has signed the petition or just followed us, 2) Ar2R-devil-PiNKy (informing the developer in a fast way) and Slaww (being the developer who has patched SS: Classics).
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    possible of course but why should I do this?

    Ok look. there are few reasons of why I would prefer to look film with PS4 rather than on PC.

    Forsaken Today, 02:26 Go to last post


    You don't get my post...
    Is this impossible to connect PC to TV right?

    Zeo Yesterday, 16:11 Go to last post


    wtf man I'm talking about videos and films, I wrote in my previous post that for gaming PC is better

    Forsaken Yesterday, 15:43 Go to last post


    Yeah he is right, this argument has nothing about consoles being better tho ;D

    Zeo Yesterday, 15:37 Go to last post


    Peasants are always going to find reasons to make their consoles relevant. I'm not suprised at all by that response

    Privateer Yesterday, 15:35 Go to last post


    Fors is right tho

    Pheonix Yesterday, 11:44 Go to last post

    Serious Sam 4 launches August 2020

    Well (if you're used to play full ultra / 60 fps) don't even try it if your videocard is below 1070 or even 1080 GTX 980/GTX 1060 suck ass, however

    Zeo Yesterday, 02:01 Go to last post


    That's typical (and most stupid) argument of console owners of why consoles are better. Kinda proves why they are less smart at all. Have you became one

    Zeo Yesterday, 01:51 Go to last post


    well of course I can, but it's more pleasure to lay on sofa and look film, instead of sitting in chair

    Forsaken 29.09.2020, 17:12 Go to last post


    yea but Playstation is a blue ray driver too, while on PC you have to pay the driver + software subscription

    Skyward 29.09.2020, 16:41 Go to last post