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  • Serious Sam: Classics (TFE & TSE) have been updated on Steam on 10.01.2018 - new master server applied officially!

    Hello everyone! After incidents with Ostap (owner of previous master server) which happened in the summer of 2017, community have signed the petition of changing the master server to 333networks.com to be the new official master server for both Serious Sam: Classics (TFE & TSE). After a few days we've got the results: master server has been changed from 42Amsterdam to 333Networks.

    For now, if you use Steam version of classics, you'll be able to browse servers again. Currently, 333networks.com master server has a couple of servers (you can browse servers also in this page) being hosted, like GZ servers (info) (russian/east eu ones - west/central europe server will be rented in some time) or 42prague.tk (which also has online rankings). Also, since it's a default master server of Steam, you'll be able to browse all servers which are created by another people again.

    If you don't use Steam version, you just have to download this patch, and you'll be able to browse servers automatically.

    Even though it's 2018, the activity is trying to rise again! Some people come back. Stay with us, because more much interesting events will come this year, with no doubt!





    P.S.: We, GameZone24.Net community, are really thankful to everyone who has made this possible: 1) every single person who has signed the petition or just followed us, 2) Ar2R-devil-PiNKy (informing the developer in a fast way) and Slaww (being the developer who has patched SS: Classics).
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    Post your rig specs!

    it was great for all the seminars that i used to have back in the days, there was just no way to game on console

    AmcoTraD Yesterday, 08:46 Go to last post

    Post your rig specs!

    I remember Amco posted here his own made ITX case lmao

    Prottoss 05.04.2020, 23:34 Go to last post

    Post your rig specs!

    no heating problems in my itx case
    anyway the best atx case that i ever got considering its cheap price was the „AeroCool Quartz“

    AmcoTraD 05.04.2020, 15:41 Go to last post

    Post your rig specs!

    It does but only for every PC component excluding cpu.

    HeLLspAWn 05.04.2020, 03:24 Go to last post

    Post your rig specs!

    But aren't you using a Ryzen now, compared to previously, Intel heater) And it is water cooling, didn't think air flow in case matters too much there

    Supersniper98 05.04.2020, 02:30 Go to last post

    My PC specs

    PC Brand: __________________ (leave empty if it doesn't have a brand)
    Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar Max
    CPU (processor): AMD Ryzen 5 3600

    Xeyal 04.04.2020, 23:20 Go to last post

    Post your rig specs!

    You're wrong on this one. Hot air will still get out of case quickly even with no fans installed at all due to physics (the hotter the air, the quicker

    HeLLspAWn 04.04.2020, 20:46 Go to last post

    Post your rig specs!

    I can do everything of that with this Corsair case and it's not bigger than it needs to be, ok I admit cable management demanded a little more work but...

    Skyward 04.04.2020, 20:39 Go to last post

    Post your rig specs!

    I did the same with my office pc. Overkill pc case and semi-overkill cpu cooling. Pentium G4560 with integrated graphics (no external gpu) in a big ass

    HeLLspAWn 04.04.2020, 20:06 Go to last post
    Gods Hand

    Post your rig specs!

    i buy only huge case,u can put ur hand's inside without touch all the components (and maybe damage smth),better airflow,u can put any component's of the

    Gods Hand 04.04.2020, 19:52 Go to last post