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    Ze0 m33ts U ! :P

    Was too lazy to win that game, GG Renato xD (there were more players but left, as usually)

    Still gettin' some fun in 2022

    Zeo Today, 01:44 Go to last post

    Windows 11

    Forsaken Yesterday, 15:39 Go to last post

    Windows 11

    I do be using Windows 11 from the day it got released ..works for the things i do, but there is one problem i started to have some months ago and is

    Karel 02.07.2022, 21:04 Go to last post

    Windows 11

    Have been using it for 8 months. No issues so far, it's pretty fast and really nice to look at, although there are still some inconsistencies in design

    Privateer 02.07.2022, 20:51 Go to last post

    Windows 11

    Windows 7 was crap, Windows 8 was crap, Windows 10 was crap, Windows 11 is crap

    y'all boomers think the world is going to stay in the

    Prottoss 02.07.2022, 18:08 Go to last post

    Windows 11

    still on win10, all my friends who upgraded to 11 said it's crap

    Skyward 02.07.2022, 13:25 Go to last post

    Windows 11

    So, any users of W11 here? I decided to let myself install it finally; in my youth I was testing Beta or RC releases of Vista, 7 but nowadays I became

    Zeo 02.07.2022, 09:13 Go to last post