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Downloads: SOL™ ShottyStars 2017 CT - Full Demos Pack

SOL™ ShottyStars 2017 CT - Full Demos Pack

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Uploaded by Zeo - 17.06.2018
Author Author Skyward, Zeo
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Full Demos Pack of the first part of Shotty Open League™ Shotty Stars 2017 Champions Tournament, which has been organized during first half of 2017 and played on Shotty Trouble map.

Pack containts demos of 40 games with following players: Capricornus (Immortals clan), Supersniper98 (Turkish Brothers clan), Destroyer (HellRaizers clan), Jockant (MCP clan), Forsaken (Immortals clan), Rodya (Immortals clan), High Voltage (HellRaizers clan), Klesk (SGI clan), Phenomenon (Immortals clan), Titi Titus Pullo (Turkish Brothers clan), Skyward (Campers clan), Pheonix (NapaLm clan), Streng, Ron (Penumbra clan), Zeo (Immortals clan) and Zdzichu (SGI clan)

Round 1

  • Capricornus vs Supersniper98
  • Destroyer vs Jockant
  • Forsaken vs Rodya
  • High Voltage vs Klesk
  • Phenomenon vs Titi
  • Skyward vs Pheonix
  • Streng vs Ron
  • Zeo vs Zdzichu

Round 2

  • Capricornus vs Forsaken
  • Destroyer vs Phenomenon
  • High Voltage vs Skyward
  • Klesk vs Pheonix
  • Supersniper98 vs Jockant
  • Titi vs Ron
  • Zdzichu vs Rodya
  • Zeo vs Streng

Round 3

  • Capricornus vs Zeo
  • Destroyer vs High Voltage
  • Klesk vs Ron
  • Skyward vs Forsaken
  • Streng vs Supersniper98
  • Zdzichu vs Phenomenon

Round 4

  • Forsaken vs Supersniper98
  • Jockant vs Ron
  • Phenomenon vs Pheonix
  • Skyward vs Streng
  • Zdzichu vs Klesk
  • Zeo vs High Voltage

Round 5

  • Forsaken vs High Voltage
  • Jockant vs Klesk
  • Phenomenon vs Streng


  • Capricornus vs Destroyer
  • High Voltage vs Phenomenon
  • Skyward vs Klesk
  • Zeo vs Zdzichu


  • Capricornus vs Skyward
  • High Voltage vs Zdzichu

The Grand Final

  • High Voltage vs Capricornus

The Bronze Final

  • Zdzichu vs Skyward

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