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Uploaded by GraphX - 13.10.2013
Author Author Unknown
File Size File Size 108.66 MB
Downloads Downloads 38
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Mod name: D-2
************************************************** *

This is a horror/thriller mod, made by some russian. The experience is great! If you like to be scared, this is a mod for you.

Installation: Unpack the rar archive, and install the exe into your main dir of Serious Sam,
example: c:\Program Files\Croteam\Serious Sam The Second Encounter

Special instruction for dummies:

1. Download file, i bet that you know how, if not press another spoiler:

1a. Press the Download button above
1b. You will be redirected to MediaFire.com site with file you want to download
1c. Press download button on mediafire page
1d. Choose the location to save the file, or if download starts, go where the file downloaded

2. Right mouse button on file, and unpack it with WinRar, by pressing "Extract Here" Download Here
3. Copy unpacked file to main directory of SS
4. Run copied file, and there will be the window, where you can select where to unpack
5. Just select main directory of SS again, without any more folders
6. Mod files will extract, and you're ready to play


7. You can remove the downloaded file, and the file that you copied to SS main dir, just leave extracted mod files alone

************************************************** *
SP MODE:..................YES
NEW TEXTURES..............YES
NEW MUSIC................YES
NEW SOUNDS..................YES
NEW MODELS..................YES
And much more!

Thread Discussion


  • D-6


26.02.2014 at 09:53
i can't start playing this mod because this message show me
" Cannot load WipeMod32.exe"
24.02.2014 at 18:07
can't wait to try it
26.02.2014 at 15:50
In data folder D-6.gro is damaged, Mods folder is empty - no .des and . tex files (nothing), and 5th file D-6.gro is also damaged or so... So,dunno how this mod can work at all?
26.02.2014 at 15:55
And why is .gro file in data folder?
30.06.2020 at 12:15
While waiting for this ill just played JUST BUILD https://s3.amazonaws.com/just-build-lol/index.html and PVZ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...hdecflbgdglkja , Cant wait to try it.