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Tex Converter

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Uploaded by GraphX - 05.03.2020
Author Author naomiEve
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A texture converter for the Serious Sam Classics/Revolution .tex format
Credits: naomiEve

Written by reverse-engineering the previous converter written in VB6, which sadly doesn't work on modern machines anymore. I've also added a few minor things like the ability to copy the currently selected texture to your clipboard and drag'n'dropping files to add them to the batch processing.

List of supported file formats:

TGA (Uncompressed, 24/32bpp)

How to:
Drag and drop OR File>Add files and find a .tex file you want to convert.
File>Set output directory to select where converted files will be exported
Select file type from File>Dropdown list
Then select files, or export all imported files with controls under preview window.

Latest update:

  • Added support for version 3 textures. Supports both RGBA4444 and RGBA5551 encodings.

  • Fixed endianness issues in the width/height reading.

  • Moved the texture code into its own separate file.

  • Added a textbox that shows information about the currently read file.

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