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Forum Rules
Gamezone24.net Rules

Global Rules

1. No warez (Illegal downloads)! Any warez talks or links to warez sites are not allowed on GameZone24 forums.

2. No trashing/flaming towards any person! Do not trash or insult other GameZone24 forum members.

3. No violence, brutal etc. images or links!

4. You are allowed to change your username once every 6 months. If you'd like to change your username, contact an admin.

5. No multiple accounts or fake IPs! Each member is allowed to use only one account. Multiple accounts will be deleted.

6. No links to pornographic or abusive sites! Links to any sites with pornographic or abusive material are not allowed.

7. No pornographic images! Do not attach any pornographic images or other pornographic material to your posts.

8. Meaningless spam in topics or sections that are not meant for spam is not allowed.

9. Any racist, nationalist, nazi and similar to these comments are strictly not allowed on GameZone24 forums.

10. Please do not ask us to delete your account. We have a policy of not deleting any accounts, but you are free to stop using it.

11. Do not put autoplay sounds or music in flash signatures! Music and sounds are allowed in flash signatures only if they do not play automatically (ie. requires clicking or mouseover).

12. Do not post or upload copyrighted images! For more information, refer to image use policy.

13. Do not post (edited) pictures of other forum members without their permission.

14. Do not abuse the Report Function (ie. by reporting posts that do not contain any breach of our rules).

15. Do not post the content of private messages unless all parties that are involved have agreed to do so.

16. Default forum language is English. Please refrain from excessively posting in languages other than English (International chatterboxes, "Happy Birthday" section and shoutbox are excluded from this rule).
16.1. Hosted Clan forum leaders have right to set their own allowed language rules in their own clan forums and subforums by contacting one of the GameZone24.net administrators.
16.2. An appropriate list of allowed languages will be shown after "allowed languages:" phrase, below the hosted clan forum section name.
16.3. Clan forum leaders can change their own clan forum language rules once every 6 months.
16.4. Hosted clan forum leaders can allow forum members (in their own clan forums) to use one language, a few languages or make the forum section completely multilingual. If forum leaders don't apply their own language rules, the default allowed posting language will be English only.

17. Overall signature height can't be higher than 220pixels..

Any breach of these rules will result in an infraction that either leads to a stay in the Penalty Box or a ban, depending on the severity of the breach and the number of active infractions.


Shoutbox Rules

Spamming or flooding is not allowed in the Shoutbox. If you want to spam, use spam threads for that. Flooding will only cause huge load on the server.

We have currently allowed limited BB code in the Shoutbox, so that links etc. are easy to display. IMG BB Code is enabled, but the max "shouted" image height can not be higher than 125 pixels. However, the Video tag is disabled (as well as few other bb codes). If you want to show a video, please post a link to it rather than video tag. Posting in different language than english in shoutbox is also allowed.

Please note that all of the Global Rules mentioned above also apply on the Shoutbox.

If you don't obey these rules you will be banned from the Shoutbox.



We do not allow people to post threads or to send private messages or emails or anything of that kind to users here that advertise or solicit any products or services. Explicit advertising and solicitating in signatures is also prohibited.


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