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    GameZone24.net Sniper Trouble Tournament - Semi Final Results

    GameZone24.net Sniper Trouble Tournament

    Official Tournament Site


    Tournament Rules
    • Map: Sniper Trouble by Provolone, get it here.
    • Server IP/Port:
    • Frag limit: 30
    • Time limit: None
    • Difficulty: Serious
    • Knife is banned!
    • Pistol is banned!
    • Version: 1.07
    • Skins: Both players will have to use the same skin.
    • Use your (clan) tag.
    • No cheating, trashing etc.

    Match Rules
    • Both players start with 100/0 (no moving before both are ready). This can be checked from the demo afterwards if someone "cheated". If someone "cheated" he will get a penalty (-1 or -2 frags).
    • Both players will use the same skin. It has to be one of the default Croteam skins, custom skins are not allowed!
    • At least one of the players will record demo and take screenshots. It's always safer if both do that, just in case there is a bad sync or other problem.

    • Semi finals end: 30 November 2008 @ 24:00 GMT (7:00 PM EST)

    Semi Final Pairs

    BlacK SpiRiT vs dr.~morpheus -> BlacK SpiRiT advances to the final!

    Joakim vs Vliegen Hollander -> Joakim advances to the final!

    No spam in this topic!! Only results!!
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    Joakim - Vliegen Hollander
    30 - 28

    A good and long (LOOOONG) game

    (this is the second part of the game, the first part was 12/12)
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