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    XM8 for 15 days!!!

    until September 9th!

    Log in and play the Squeeky Hammer Event. To play purchase the Squeeky Hammer from the in-game item shop for a cheat 500 Dinar, then jump into one of the event rooms and beat 100 players with your shiny new Squeeky Hammer! Win a brand new XM8 for 15 Days!

    Damage 40%
    Speed 90%
    Accuracy 40%
    Recoil 63%

    No level restriction!

    Tested by dr.~morpheus and KSA, it's an awesome weapon.
    -)C(- [D])R(.{~](M[O}[R]{P}H}E{U{S] -)C(-

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    very good weapon!



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