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    Quote Originally Posted by Pheonix View Post
    bitches be like

    *~>>Devils Ultimate d'Erektor<<~*

    People who lead a very successful business, usually tend to have extremely low freetime which results in depressions.
    The only thing that matters is personal happines and health, money can destroy both.
    ~Amco 2016

    It doesnt matter what you look like, or what stereotype you fulfill as long, as you're modest
    and respectful towards everyone, and feel comfortable about yourself.
    ~Amco 2020

    post your screens? played yesterday? of today? no screens available? No screens of january? december 2022? november 2022? no played matches in sam? hm sad. just stay a "legend" on gz these days. inactive since decades or activ as "Alias" with vpn lol. ~Vyebani User 2023

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    i dont like to beat girls i prefer electro shocking

    hm sad. just stay a "legend" on gz these days. inactive since decades or activ as "Alias" with vpn lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GraphX View Post


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