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    21:9 (ultrawide) monitors ?

    Simply: what do you think ? Is anyone going to try or even to move to 2560×1080 / 3440×1440 ?
    I'm going to change my monitor next year, so would like to hear some opinions .. I haven't noticed that someone discussed it before here in GZ.

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    i wanted to change, too but then realised it's 700€ for a decent monitor - what a rip off
    sure even if you have the money you should still always question if it's worth it... i hate waste

    so my standards are: IPS, WQHD, 144Hz, Sync and 27" - everything else is junk and not much of an upgrade

    would i suggest getting a TN 4K 60Hz monitor for 300 bucks? no way, above mentioned specs are a must nowadays.. why? a short explanation follows:

    - IPS Panel / color realness, realistic contrasts and depths, higher view angles
    - 144Hz / the difference is real - you actually feel a much quicker response and feedback with your eyes and by moving the mouse
    - WQHD / the perfect resolution for a decent 27" monitor, yet supported by most 2014 graphics cards
    - Sync technology / emulates 144hz permanently even when FPS are low

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    I think Amco explained it perfectly
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    didn't want to invest into sync, as long as you got a good GPU, you will do just fine. Wide curved monitors are rather for casual gaming, I don't see myself playing high level competitive on csgo with it. I'd even say my 27" is a little bit too big, to the point I even happen to consider going back to 24 or 25" someday. The size is bearable and not such a big problem, but that's not the optimum condition for competitive gaming.

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