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    Happy birthday Karel!!!

    Happy birthday dude, thanks for everything you've done for the community
    watch unimaginable [2012]
    watch magnificent [2017]
    wait for ? [202x]

    💔 Į αթÝłÝפᎥჳℯ Ꭵᶂ עÝน ᶂℯℯł ᏕÝጠℯŧℌᎥŋפ 💔

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    People who lead a very successful business, usually tend to have extremely low freetime which results in depressions.
    The only thing that matters is personal happines and health, money can destroy both.
    ~Amco 2016

    It doesnt matter what you look like, or what stereotype you fulfill as long, as you're modest
    and respectful towards everyone, and feel comfortable about yourself.
    ~Amco 2020

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    Everlasting Hatred ~=>}Immortals{<=~



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