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    this is d-6 while there is no action in this, the actual atmosphere in the game is insane especially if playing on your own

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    i dont know if its best vidoe, but there are others out there ;P

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    Tried out military decay and found it very exhausting, very little and slow action until the end, also those tunnels are so linear, you just have to go straight and thats it basically...

    non the less the bunker is very nicely made, the first level is amazing. AI is absolute crap, only 30-40% of it is actually running at you. Also i didnt understand who was the person inside the helicopter who I bombed when got into a plane

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    Yeah actually AI is not that good in Military Decay

    If you want some scary maps, you can try out Ghosthunt made by Devostator. It's not so long but it is worth playing! I think you can find it on serioussite. Otherwise I'll just upload the map and the requiered files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLICK View Post
    Military Decay
    Alpine Mists 2
    Ir-Kalla Demo


    Please share Dust of Ages when you have time, i've never played that one


    We can do some custom map coop games together (if someone can host good server) like Raver, Dexo and me used play before when i was active
    Zovi na steam koji put za coop


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