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    Post Tenebras Lux
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    where r my 115Ä?

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    gz is just a dead site full of the rest of ss players wich r not able to etablade in other games but u have the Donors to keep it alive :facepalm:

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    Well (if you're used to play full ultra / 60 fps) don't even try it if your videocard is below 1070 or even 1080 GTX 980/GTX 1060 suck ass, however the graphics still look like from 2011-2013 which ain't bad for me, but it should have required same old hardware , and is the main reason WHY it's completely losing comparing to DOOM series nowadays which is magic smooth on all hardware which ain't much outdated... You cannot compare movies if the second one is available to watch at 4k while the first one is released at 360p, can you?

    Cannot judge the gameplay after only one level is done but as I was sure it mostly feels like BFE but a little better! Gonna give it a full try soon

    Add: having no survival mode is a completely disaster, hope they are gonna add it (and much faster than something useless like a versus mode which will completely suck anyway ), that's best way to play it daily but if you don't wanna spend more than 10-15 mins for gaming ;P
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    watch unimaginable [2012]
    watch magnificent [2017]
    wait for ? [202x]

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