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    "New" Immortals turned 10 years old yesterday

    Yesterday, 10.06.2010, 10 years have passed since the clan Immortals was ressurected for the 3rd, and finally the last and final time. The date 10.06.2010 counts since the GZ section has been created! This date ain't special comparing to Campers, SGI, Devils which are older (can't remember SGI's ressurect date either, but must be before 2010) but still, sounds cool, I never could imagine myself writing a thread like this here in 2020 haha

    I'm really thankful to all players who are/were players of our clan! I'm also still so much thankful to Destroyer, DexXx and Partyzan who were first creators of this! They made this idea alive while I was spending all those days with my new gf, and stopped with Sam since April of 2010 (yeah, 2 months break was a serious thing back then )

    We had a bad start tho', did some walkovers in GZ CT 2010, but after all these years I'm still amazed that there are tags and players who still want to join.

    Some people didn't believe the clan will last long


    Lemme bring something from archives

    Immortals 2008

    Immortals 2008 memberlist

    Immortals 2008 avatar made by Replicator aka Dexotronic (the only non-russian speaking guy who was a part of our clan!)

    Immortals 2010 memberlist

    Art made by Bullet, 2012

    Some "on top" screens, 2012

    2013, ST!

    Omi on top, but we got some cool stats either, ~ 2013

    Two amazing arts made by Troy, must be ~2013

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    watch unimaginable [2012]
    watch magnificent [2017]
    wait for ? [202x]

    💔 Į αթÝłÝפᎥჳℯ Ꭵᶂ עÝน ᶂℯℯł ᏕÝጠℯŧℌᎥŋפ 💔

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    Wow, gratz! Nice pics! I'm really sorry for my antics when I was with you
    Immortals pwn!

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    Good date for good clan Congratulations to all participants!

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    nice work, zeo!
    sweet memories...

    is that me? ha-ha

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    also i am glad you're ez frags for 10 years now

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeo View Post

    lol Gospidaras on last place as usual

    "ye my server is laggy bcoz internet provider is wireless" ~ Karel

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmcoTraD View Post
    also i am glad you're ez frags for 10 years now

    lol Gospidaras on last place as usual
    Joined last, when trm had 28 frags
    Just like u yesterday

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    Congratulations Immortals <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitrofka View Post

    nice work, zeo!
    sweet memories...

    is that me? ha-ha

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    Zeo always comes up with some nice story.

    Happy re-birthday Immortals
    One of the sweetest clans around, love ya guys but



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