Serious Sam 2 Albino for TSE V1.07 - Enemy Resource (V1.00)
Enemy Resource - TSE 1.07 | Replacement TSE 1.07/

Overall datasheet

Author : Dead Kadath (model), Rakanishu (programing)
Version: 1.00
- Enemy Resource for mappers
- Enemy Replacement Mod
Creation dates:
- Enemy Resource for mappers: 15 June 2020
- Enemy Replacement Mod: 27 February 2016
Games: Serious Sam The Second Encounter V1.07


Resource mod:
- Enemy resource for mappers and modders.

Replacement mod:
- This is a replacement mod of the original Beast enemy.
Note: the replacement mod doesn't support custom size, projectiles, blood particles type, custom damages, ... That's why I decided to make a replacement mod (see features)

- All source files related to the Albino. Source code included.

Additional information

Install and use:
  1. Extract "Albino_Resource_V1.0" content in Serious Sam - Second Encounter main directory.
  2. Open Serious Editor.
  3. In your virtual tree, create a new folder.
  4. Press right click in your virtual tree and click insert item.
  5. Seek out Classes\SeriousSam2\Albino.ecl.
  6. Open your world.
  7. Drag and drop the Albino from your virtual tree.

  1. 700 health points
  2. Uses exotech larva projectile (and is precached)
  3. Only 1 character (small)
  4. Blood type instead of slime for small character
  5. Bigger stretch
  6. Uses SS2 model and textures (ported and animated by Dead Kadath)
  7. Uses SS2 sounds (not possible to do that with AMIC*)
  8. Damaged wounded = 450
  9. Netricsa data disabled

User notes:

- Coders note: To be able to make your own enemy class, you must invoke the function InitParticles(); in MainLoop in

- For any question, feel free to ask


* Release