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    How to make SS:SE/FE run 144Hz on full screen with OpenGL [Tutorial]

    Ok. This is a true 2020 maverick guide which will make your 144Hz monitor work @ 144Hz Full Screen openGL! even if you have crappy AMD hardware!

    Yes, this is insane ,but it actually works on my 144Hz panel, full screen OPENGL. After 2 hours of testing I finally managed to run this 2002 game @ proper pixel clock.

    So first of all download CRU from here: https://www.monitortests.com/forum/T...on-Utility-CRU
    Version 1.4.2

    1. Unpack, fire up CRU.exe
    2. Select the monitor you want to modify to work exclusively on 144Hz.
    3. Go to Extension blocks and select CEA-861: x detailed resolution, x data blocks (x = depends how much you have them actually).
    4. Select "Edit..."
    5. At the Detailed Resolutions (x slots left) section select all the resolutions that are below 144Hz (you might have, 100Hz, 120Hz and so on) and after selecting each resolution hit Delete. You will need to leave ONLY 144Hz on 1920x1080 resolution.
    6. Now very important part!. In the same window you also have Data blocks (xx bytes left) section where you will see:
    - TV Resolutions
    - Audio formats.. etc.
    The most important part is TV Resolutions. Select TV Resolutions and hit "Edit..." button.
    7. You will see plenty of resolutions out there. Now very important step: Select ONLY the resolutions which are 1920x1080 @ x Hz and DELETE THEM one by one using Delete button. I had like 3 or 4 resolution settings @ 1920x1080 with 24, 25, 59 and 60Hz settings. I removed them all.
    8. After you do All hit OK button and then OK AGAIN. AND OK again until it closes.
    9. When the CRU app closes, open the unpacked folder containing CRU and run restart64.exe file. It will then set the resolutions to finally work. If all goes well, you'll just get the CRU window with 3 settings (Restart Again, Recovery Mode and Exit). If you see proper resolution and frequency then you set up all properly.
    10. Now launch your sirius semen, set it at 1920x1080, set OPEN GL, hit full screen mode and.... voila! Works freaking 144Hz @ openGL full screen!.

    If you encounter problems, write here. Maybe I'll be able to help and solve your issue.
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    2020: "How to make SS:SE/FE run 144Hz on full screen with OpenGL"

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    Great guide!
    watch unimaginable [2012]
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