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    June 2003
    zeo stole them frags

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    him laptop feels like f36 diesel
    Where r my 115e? and now we Have a Problem.

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    finally this thread has page 2 so I don't need to waste 30 minutes of my life to scroll all of the posts to the bottom
    Tell a pussy boy that I said, "Step back"
    Motherfucker wanna talk, but I'm gettin' the bag
    I see the reason that the motherfuckers takin' it bad
    They know they never wanna be the one to step like that

    Revenge on my chest, I stay in my best
    They stayin' mad that I be winning, do I make you upset?
    I'm makin' moves, and now they comin'
    'Cause I'm gettin' some bread
    But you weren't there when I was broke
    And now you think that we friends
    Forget it

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    Must be really hard in life yor

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    him played on armrest

    hm sad. just stay a "legend" on gz these days. inactive since decades or activ as "Alias" with vpn lol.


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