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    zeo stole them frags

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    him laptop feels like f36 diesel
    Where r my 115e? and now we Have a Problem.

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    finally this thread has page 2 so I don't need to waste 30 minutes of my life to scroll all of the posts to the bottom
    Wake up to reality
    Nothing ever goes as planned
    In this accursed world

    The longer you live the more you will realise
    That the only things that truly exist in this reality
    Are merely pain, suffering and futility

    The selfish intent to preserve peace initiates wars
    And hatred is born in order to protect love
    For truly this reality is a hell

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    Must be really hard in life yor

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    him played on armrest

    hm sad. just stay a "legend" on gz these days. inactive since decades or activ as "Alias" with vpn lol.

    - Ghosti


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