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    Players name convetion on 42servers

    Hi everyone
    Here is some info about allowed player names on 42 servers.

    I guess this was never really covered anywhere
    Thus I'd like to pour some lite on it

    42amsterdam has strict rules about spamming and insulting other players
    Rules are valid for forum as well for game servers.

    Inside the game - player can select any name ...
    Though there are some restrictions imposed:
    Names that are offensive or match an offensive pattern - will be either fully or partially replaced.


    Partial replacement:
    "fuck trump" => "respect trump"
    "fuck biden" => "respect biden"

    Full replacement:
    "eblan" => "I love justin bieber"
    "ja eblan" => "I love justin bieber"
    "on eblan" => "I love justin bieber"

    Full replacement URL formated name:
    "any.site.com" => "I Love Obama"
    "visit our site.net" => "I Love Obama"

    System that does this tracking is of coz not an AI and can make mistakes
    like with Janusz ...where "anus" was detected
    Even though system was correct literally and factually ... -
    mistakes like that my happen with other nicknames ...
    I'm monitoring every nick change - but if i miss one - plz let me know.
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