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Thread: T34 News

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    zeo stole them frags

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    T34 News

    Tak 4e xyi moy soshki. Time for new topic. T34 news. Our xarakter T34 is still raving.

    As you might know there were many posts from our finest persona regarding many people. Also yu must prepare for 2022 ili 2024 goda for full force group Z rasyeb'ing vse rlos minions and by no particular order me will post participants of destruction will occur i xyi moy so6ki eto blyadlist enemies of T34 xaraktera:

    4enya ] Zeo [ Oblakov cherstalkaya cyka aferista po va6emu ott4estvu Oblakov
    Gri6a ] Des [ ne Gopnik ili gopnik???? Samoxvalov po va6emu ott4estvu Samoxvalov
    xyi -] Chil [- sou4astnik eblivyi ebunec po va6emu ott4estvu 6arlatan
    Evgenyi ] All Games [ Kakutin po va6emu ott4estvu Nikitin
    Sergey ] ANXIETY [ potsadnoy utenok duck decoy Alexandrovi4 va6emu ott4estvu Aleksandrovich
    viktor ] Bliuz [ barybin xyi po va6emu ott4estvu barybin
    Anton ] Google [ po va6emu ott4estvu xyi znaet
    Kirill] Fosraken [ Glu6enkov po va6emu ott4estvu Glu6enkov
    naxyi ]ss su[ ne pizdabol rlos
    post ] no 96 [ pure slander ne ligovskyi ne semovskyi
    ] Dev [
    ] Warrior [

    vse byli zayavleny v politsiyu internetovom tak 4e vse rlos miniony = argumenty zakon4ilis'

    Who are the next minions of rlos liga? vse ligovskye miniony, xyi znaet i soon I will attach new list.


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