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    Asian Sensatian (34)

    Happy birtthday Asian Sensatian

    *~>>Devils Ultimate d'Erektor<<~*

    People who lead a very successful business, usually tend to have extremely low freetime which results in depressions.
    The only thing that matters is personal happines and health, money can destroy both.
    ~Amco 2016

    It doesnt matter what you look like, or what stereotype you fulfill as long, as you're modest
    and respectful towards everyone, and feel comfortable about yourself.
    ~Amco 2020

    post your screens? played yesterday? of today? no screens available? No screens of january? december 2022? november 2022? no played matches in sam? hm sad. just stay a "legend" on gz these days. inactive since decades or activ as "Alias" with vpn lol. ~Vyebani User 2023

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    Asian Sensatian PM

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    yoo happy birthday Asian Sensatian PM Asian Sensatian, in this PM I will say to you : yoo happy birthday Asian Sensatian

    Asian Sensatian PM

    Niko BeluCc1I~~ PM my pro bro
    - Wake up to reality
    Nothing ever goes as planned in this accursed world
    The longer you live the more you will realise
    That the only things that truly exist in this reality
    Are merely pain, suffering and futility
    Listen... As long as there is concept of victors
    The vanquished will also exist.
    The selfish intent of wanting to preserve peace initiates wars
    And hatred is born in order to protect love
    For truly this reality is a Hell



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