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    Quote Originally Posted by Prottoss of GZ wow View Post
    Ill say once again, we did not invent maths, we discovered it

    How we draw the symbols does not takeaway the result that will be given

    Its like Hello in English and Hello in Chinese still means hello

    I was trying to use simple examples and talk in simple terms but I am not sure I want to continue conversation with someone that believes & states multiple times that maths is not objective
    We seem to be talking across one another instead of to one another I understand your arguments, i do. But based on the way you present them to me gives me the idea you misinterpret
    My counterarguments. This does not make you wrong and me right or vice versa. Or maybe it is my English that has not developed to the requirred level for these discussions

    I thinm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prottoss of GZ wow View Post
    mic drop

    I understand that the example with "greeting" could have been better but the thought process can be understood
    Thank you.. not to be the proud wise guy here, but this argument
    More or less sums up what i meant by human inventions versus the undenyable facts.

    I think the same applies to the "laws"
    of physics. I could say that "laws" are non existent becouse we gave it that name

    I guess i have to admit i took it a little bit to far making me prone to make a mistake or 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evolta View Post
    Mathematics is widely regarded as an objective and universal language. The principles and concepts of mathematics exist independently of human invention, and they are discovered through logical reasoning and observation of the natural world.

    Mathematical symbols and notations, on the other hand, are indeed human inventions created to represent mathematical ideas and facilitate communication. The specific symbols used to express mathematical concepts may vary across different cultures and languages, but the underlying principles remain the same.

    When we say that we "invented" mathematics, we are referring to the development of mathematical notation and systems to formalize and express mathematical ideas. However, the mathematical concepts themselves, such as numbers, geometric shapes, and mathematical relationships, are inherent features of the universe that exist independently of human invention.

    The example you provided about "Hello" in different languages is not directly applicable to the nature of mathematics. While the word "Hello" may have different phonetic or written representations in various languages, it still represents the same basic greeting. In contrast, mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, or the Pythagorean theorem have precise and unambiguous definitions that remain consistent regardless of the language or symbols used to express them.

    So, in summary, mathematics is considered to be a universal and objective discipline, rooted in the discovery of fundamental principles and relationships that exist independently of human invention. The symbols and notations we use to represent and communicate mathematical ideas may vary, but the underlying concepts remain constant.
    I wanted to quote this instead of Protoss awnser to it

    A little part that i kept emhpasizing on was the name we give to factual principles to make sense to us for our benificial understanding.
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    This is definetly the most boring thread on gz


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