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    Exclamation November 18th, 2023 Teamgames - Register or Idi naxuiii?????????? D. PLAYED

    Okay moy horo6iy soshkis, we haven't played any games since summer so the time HAS COME!!!
    Let's brush off the dust from Sirius Semen's icon!

    Date & Time: Saturday, 18th of November, 20.00 GZ (German) Time (22.00 Moscow Time)
    Game: Sirius Semen The Second Eblivyi Encounter and no Revolution allowed, reason: bad
    Version: Steam / 1.07
    Maps: some standart including ST (sucks)
    Cheating allowed: not this time
    Leaving games allowed: no, otherwise you'll be kicked from all clans forever (excluding InterPlay)
    Making bad teams allowed: NO aga sprosit zabyli director??????????????????????????????


    Blyadlist (players list)

    • Zeo
    • Evolta
    • GraphX
    • Forsaken
    • Allergeno
    • Destroyer


    Team Sam: The President (EVO), drdeep (Allergen), Destroyer
    Team Red: Insomnia (Zeo), GraphX, Forsaken

    Little Trouble (56:53 team Sam wins)

    Yodeller (68:52 team Sam wins)

    Download link: Click me

    Last edited by Zeo; 28.11.2023 at 20:45. Reason: bad
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    watch magnificent [2017]
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